Fredericksburg, TX

This February I met up with some girlfriends for what has now become an annual Girls Trip. This time we chose Fredericksburg, Texas and we are so happy we did! You can read about our first trip to Brenham here.

Fredericksburg is the perfect place for so many different things like girls trips, romantic getaways, weddings and shopping! Did I mention that there are so many wineries here? Like too many to even begin to try to count. So if you’ve learned anything about me through this blog, I am always down for fun times with my friends that involve a pretty place and drinking!

We chose to use the 290 Wine Shuttle and I couldn’t recommend it more. The drivers are friendly, very knowledgeable and everyone we met associated with the company was amazing! We started our day off at Grape Creek Vineyards and this place is beautiful. Mary was our heaven-sent wine connoisseur with amazing recommendations on what wine tasted best with what and she was just all around great. They have a great selection of food there on the property and we ended up ordering some pizzas to share. SO YUMMY!

Right after seeing a proposal happen on the property!

Up next was Becker Vineyards, known for its tasty wines and lavender fields on the property.  Lavender is one of my favorite scents, so I ended up buying a candle…and some soap…I didn’t need either but they were too hard to pass up! The lavender wasn’t in bloom when we went to visit, but the property was still very gorgeous, especially with the weather we had that day. I’ll be honest with ya’ll, I don’t know too much about wines…but I do know how to drink them. And every place we went to, had some pretty great wines!17156030_10158279962680317_6843415235592120842_n


Photo credit to Kelly…she’s amazing! 

Our next stop was Fat Ass Ranch & Winery. This place was pretty busy by the time we got there, but was a lot of fun! You could definitely spend several hours just hanging out here, but we were on a mission to make it to as many wineries as possible that day. They had live music, an area to dance, outdoor games and THE BEST food trailer I’ve ever been to.  It was called Cousins Maine Lobster and apparently, they were seen on Shark Tank…but seriously the best food I’ve had in a long time. We all shared their Lobster Tater Tots and Lobster Grilled Cheese. They have several locations nationwide, with one being in Houston, so I hope to run into them again!


There was a donkey on the property too!
By the 3rd winery, we were pretty happy 🙂

We got lucky for our last stop of the day because it had several smaller tasting rooms on one property. We tried Six Shooter Cellars first and this was my favorite stop of the day when it comes to the actual selection of wine. I prefer sweeter, fruity tasting wines and this place had a ton of them! I ended up buying a bottle of their Bad Ass Peach wine…it might be sweeter, but it definitely packs a punch! We walked over to another winery on the property called Fiesta Winery. This place was super cute on the inside and also had a nice outdoor area as well. We only had a small amount of time left before the last shuttle of the day would be there to pick us up, so naturally, we downed a couple of glasses of sangria as quickly as possible. Highly recommend their sangria, it was delicious!


Six Shooter Cellars


Need to try this recipe at home!



After such a great day and also being slightly wine tipsy, we were ready to get back to our hotel, which was walking distance from everything! We stayed at the Sunday House Inn & Suites and it was perfect for our girls trip. We grabbed dinner across the street at Mamacita’s and of course split a pitcher of margaritas. Then we were off to Buc’s Bar & Grill…a bar we found online that had karaoke, so we were sold. After a few hours of dancing and sharing our lovely voices with the crowd, we called it a night.

The next day was spent walking the streets and checking out all the cute shops they have. I truly believe you could come back to Fredericksburg multiple times and you still would have more to see and do. I don’t think I could ever get tired of this town! Have you ever been to Fredericksburg? Or another town that has a great setup for girls weekends? I would love to hear about it so that maybe it could be our next girls trip destination!

Happy travels! 🙂



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