Brenham, TX

In late February of 2016, myself and a great friend from Austin wanted to meet somewhere between the two of our cities that offered cool things to do for a girls weekend. Her friend from Boston also joined us as we picked Brenham, Texas as the place to meet! The weather was absolutely perfect which set the right tone for a day full of winery tours and exploring the city.

First up was Saddlehorn Winery which was in the middle of an open field and had a great barn house vibe to it. They also had a wood-burning pizza oven that we were pretty excited about because…pizza is life. The inside of the tasting room was just as gorgeous as the property itself. The wine was so good and we really liked the way the tasting was set up, it was perfect for us!

Right before we ate some yummy pizza!

Then we made our way over to Pleasant Hill Winery where I encountered dessert wine for the first time…which was about the same sensation as taking mini shots over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, it was really good, but by the end of the tasting we decided two wineries was all we needed to get wine tipsy(the best kind of tipsy).

You’ll want to stop at the Antique Rose Emporium while in Brenham, as well as do some antique shopping in one of the many shops they have! Brenham has such a cute downtown area filled with shops, restaurants and great photo opportunities! The Emporium has every kind of color rose/flower you could imagine and if I wasn’t so awful at caring for plants, I would have brought some home with me.

The Antique Rose Emporium
Didn’t I say it was cute!?

Kellie, the friend from Boston, took some awesome pictures of us that day and I’m so glad Brittani brought her along so I could make another great friend!

We had read that there was a miniature horse farm somewhere in the area but also saw conflicting things online saying it was closed. I was able to find a number to call and after several rings, a woman picked up and said yes there were horses and to come on out! Did I mention that the ranch was also run by nuns? Not quite sure why this was setup this way, but we loved it all the same. The nun who met us was SO nice and the ranch also had the cutest dogs running around, so we were quite happy we found this place. Not to mention the horses were super happy to see us and we got to feed them!

Off to see the horses!
Selfie with the horsie! πŸ™‚

We stopped at a local bar that also brewed their own beer called Brazos Valley Brewery. The beers were delicious and the patio area they had set up was a great place to relax before dinner. We found a restaurant in the downtown area called 96 West which served really great tapas plates that we loved. The inside of the restaurant was awesome too! After dinner, we decided the best way to end the night was to check out Little Mike’s karaoke bar. This is the type of bar where everyone knows everyone but we made ourselves at home and watched people sing karaoke. I was about one tequila shot away from getting the courage to sing myself!

We had such a great time exploring a city that was right there in both of our backyards! Brenham really would be the perfect place for a relaxing weekend getaway for friends and family!

Happy travels! πŸ™‚


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