Munich: Days 16 & 17

Hi there! Long time no see/write because life is busy and I haven’t dedicated time to my blog like I should’ve. If you’ve stuck with me, then you’ll be excited to know that we’re on to our next country in Europe: GERMANY! The weather had begun to get a little cooler as we traveled north and as a girl from Texas, I was enjoying every bit of it!

On our way to Munich, we stopped at Neuschwanstein Castle, a picturesque castle nestled in hills and pretty much what every person pictures when you think castle. We had coffee before riding up the mountain on the bus and getting to experience the view from above for the first time. I mean it was breathtaking. 21751457_10159280538830317_3144301847159057188_n

Clouds, mountains, trees…just all my favorite things in one picture!

The temperature dropped even more as we gained altitude, but really was worth it for the views from the top and then, of course, the inside of the castle. We weren’t really allowed to take photos of the inside (if I remember correctly…we went on a lot of guided tours in 35 days so you’ll have to give me a break) but it was so interesting to learn about the King who resided there and his slow embark away from society and what they’ve done with the castle since his death.21463049_10159280539475317_8334076810850480085_n21740656_10159280539665317_6099691022392350028_n

The next morning started with a walking tour of Munich…but there was one hitch…all of us were dressed in our traditional wear for Oktoberfest which we were headed to right after the tour. To say we looked like tourists would be an understatement. BUT our tour guide was really cool and had lots of great stories about the history of Munich. Biggest pointer I took away: don’t drink and start fires in the basement of buildings because you’re cold…it doesn’t end well for anyone or the building. I wish we would’ve gotten a picture of all of us walking the streets because I’m sure we were a sight, but none of us cared because Oktoberfest was next up and we were READY!

I had no idea that upon walking in we would be greeted by so many sights and sounds. There were people everywhere, carnival rides, a parade of Germans playing instruments and the smell of yummy food was abundant. Oktoberfest has everything. I was so excited! Our group had four tables reserved in the Lowenbrau tent. And by ‘tent’ I mean massive enclosure filled with music, people, beer and pretzels! Did I mention that they serve beer in 1-liter glasses? I don’t think I’ve ever consumed that much beer in one sitting, but you know what they say ‘When at Oktoberfest…’ I can’t even imagine how much beer is sold throughout the entire length of Oktoberfest. Okay, I had to look it up…they sold 7.5 million liters of beer one year. 7.5 million!



I had a couple of liters throughout the day 🙂


Our whole entire group had such a great time in Munich and definitely at Oktoberfest. We ate, drank and sang until we were all either tired or tipsy and ready to go home. I would love for the opportunity to go back to Oktoberfest and Munich in general because I know there is so much more to see and do!

Have you ever been to Munich? What about Oktoberfest? I would love to see some outfit pictures!

Happy travels! 🙂


I think this sums up how much fun we had!

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