Prague: Days 18-20

After an amazing time in Munich, our group headed to the Dachau concentration camp on our way to Prague, Czech Republic. We all knew this memorial was coming, but nothing can really prepare you for it. I’ve seen movies and read books that described the horrors that happened at these camps but seeing it first hand is a whole other experience. I am glad we went because learning about this dark part of world history is still so important and the way they have set up the memorial was really great.

Prague was a nice relaxing break from now about 3 weeks of straight traveling. We still did the walking tours, but we had more free time to just enjoy and take in the city. Prague Castle is a must see! The architecture from the outside was amazing! I found through this trip that I’m slightly obsessed with the outside of buildings 🙂

Prague Castle


21766592_10159323476595317_4359898670014350568_nDid you know that the Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world? Most people assume it’s Germany because of Oktoberfest…but no, its the Czech Republic, which we found out while on a beer tasting. I’m not a big beer fan, but any excuse to try some samples and snack while doing it, I’m down. Another really popular thing to see in Prague is the John Lennon wall. This is a graffiti wall that is ever changing representing John Lennon, peace and love. I’m sure you’ve seen photos of it and it’s definitely worth a stop while in Prague.21765199_10159323477045317_2280228430895112515_nWe also made sure to walk across the iconic Charles Bridge, its name referring to King Charles IV. The view from the bridge was beautiful!21768094_10159323477025317_1684355575865022348_n

Overlooking Prague

On one of the evenings there, our group decided to check out a famous Ice Pub we had heard about. I had never been to one but decided spending a little extra money on the experience was worth it. They give you mittens and these thick silver coats that make you look like aliens. It was a lot of fun, plus I can now say I twerked inside of an Ice Pub, so mission accomplished.

Being cold never looked so hot! Heidi likes puns, so hopefully, she likes this play on words…but she also knows I suck at making them 🙂

On our last night in Prague, our tour director set up this amazing evening experiencing a medieval tavern. Hands down, super cool and highly recommended! It was all you could drink wine and beer and we were entertained by belly dancers, swordsmen, jugglers and great music. The food was also delicious and our group loved it!

Have you been to Prague? What sights did you take in? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy travels! 🙂



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