Berlin: Days 21-23

Berlin was our next stop after the beautiful Prague. Our first evening there we spent in a beer garden and the weather was cool and refreshing. Of course, we had some beer…at this point, we were trying all the local drinks and food that was suggested to us. Our next full day in Berlin we had a local guide take us through all we needed to see while there. Republic Square, Brandenburg Gate and also the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The memorial was a beautiful tribute to all the souls who lost their lives. 21765005_10159323477495317_7300775851800965869_n21766568_10159323477590317_2217395778260653703_n22008342_10159323477620317_7708015187660043137_n

Couldn’t have asked for better weather!

I’m going to tell you what the highlight of Berlin was for me and you’re gonna say what? BUT it was this Mexican restaurant called Santa Maria Mexican Diner. I’m from Texas ya’ll…but this place was AMAZING! $5 margaritas, yes please! Plus my meal of Tostadas de Campechanas was absolutely delicious. Our Tour Director is the one who suggested it and I’m so happy she did. We even went there twice out of our two nights there because that’s how much we loved it.

I can still taste how amazing this was!

For a fun night out, Heidi and I went to a club called Matrix. It was loud and fun and we just danced all night long. But I’m sure if you do a little research on clubs in Berlin, one name will pop up time and time again; Berghain. 4 people from our group were determined to check out this world-famous club, known for great techno music, a long line to get in and strict bouncers. Noah, my new BFF from the trip, worked his magic and got their group into the club. From what they told us, it was an amazing experience and worth the hassle.

We had a full free day while we were in Berlin, so a group of us girls decided to have a spa day, which turned into a spa day unlike any I had had before. We participated in a Hamam spa tradition, which I had never heard of before. This included a whole day of relaxation, starting with cleansing yourself in their showers. Then heading over to the bath room, where you throw water onto yourself and then go into this super hot sauna. Then rinse and repeat. It opens up your pores and exfoliates your skin. Then you wait for them to call your name where they take you to this room and scrub down your whole body, getting rid of dead skin. This whole time, I’m thinking what is going on, but also really relaxed. It was quite an experience. You end your day getting a massage and drinking tea and snacks.

All in all, Berlin was a really cool city, great transportation and so much more to see and do that I’ll have to go back for. I only saw the Berlin Wall through our tour bus one day, so I know I will definitely be going back for that! Have you been to Berlin? What sights do I need to add to my list for next time!?

Happy travels! 🙂


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