Nashville, TN

A few friends and I have an annual girls trip we take and this was our third annual, with Nashville as our new destination. We were all very excited to explore this place and Nashville promised to be a lot of fun!

My bestie Amy and I got to Tennessee first, late on a Friday night to check in to our cute townhome. We woke up early the next day to make our way over to an Airbnb experience we had booked, a Southern Biscuit class with mimosas! The host was amazing and had such a great apartment overlooking the city and the iconic John Seigenthaler Bridge, more commonly referred to as the Pedestrian Bridge. Our biscuits were delicious and we had plenty for leftovers to snack on the rest of the weekend.

Best biscuits with gravy I’ve ever had.

Amy and I made our way over to the bridge, but first, we stopped at a little dog park along the way, sans dogs, but who cares. The weather was gorgeous that day, so we enjoyed walking all over town. After taking in the view of the city from the bridge, we walked up to the Country Music Hall of Fame, where we bought passes to enter and check it all out. We got there just in time to take a banjo lesson, which we obviously rocked at. The museum has SO much to see and do. Even if you’re not a fan of country music, I still think this is a really cool place to check out while in Nashville.

Nashville is compromised of many different neighborhoods that all have something different to offer. I won’t even begin to pretend to know all the differences, but what I will say is we checked out lots of them. Whether we ate there, grabbed a drink or walked through, we experienced a lot and still wished we had time for more. Big perk we loved, Uber’s were so cheap and easy from where we stayed at.

We headed over to Tavern for a couple of drinks and snacks after a long day. We sat outside so we could watch the hustle and bustle of the city. After heading back to our place, we got ready for a little night out on Music Row. We got alcohol delivered beforehand through Drizly and that was the coolest thing ever for people who don’t feel like leaving their place or don’t have easy access to a vehicle.

We started at Acme Feed & Seed, where they had live music and three stories of fun. Side note: I’m pretty sure you can find live music or entertainment of some kind every night of the week in Nashville. Next, we grabbed food at Nashville Underground. I had the chicken fried steak and it was delicious. To finish off our night, we walked over to Luke Bryan’s bar, where the Adam Bruno band was playing and killin it! We were only planning to stay for an hour or so, but we ended up staying SO late and singing along to every song they played.

The next day, our two other friends, Kara and Nicole, arrived and we were ready to explore even more of the city. The weather was gorgeous, so after watching the Texans beat the Redskins at a bar(because we’re all from Texas and we weren’t about to miss the game), we headed towards the Nashville Farmers Market. We walked through the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park(I know, longest park name ever in the world) to get to the market. The park grounds were beautiful with trees full of fall leaves and we loved it.

The market itself had so much to offer! There was plenty of shops inside selling all sorts of food as well as fresh produce and whatnot outside. We treated ourselves to some yummy ice cream and a wine tasting.

We got ready for dinner at Butchertown Hall and another night out on Broadway. Butchertown Hall had a great menu, but we were slightly disappointed that after ordering, they were out of several things we wanted, so we had to reassess our choices. After dinner, we headed out for the evening and ended up at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row Nashville bar. This bar had multiple levels, each offering a different vibe and music scene. Most bars we went to had that same setup, so it was pretty cool to find one that offered so many different options of fun.

Photo cred to Kara, she put in work for this setup. 
We loved this view!

On our last half day in Nashville, we wanted to eat some good food and check out the infamous wings of Nashville that you see everyone posting about online. For food, we headed to The Diner, a six-story restaurant in downtown SoBro that is open 24 hours a day. The food was yummy and of course, the mimosas were perfect. We had just enough time to head to the Gulch area of Nashville, where the wings are located. The weather was a little bit chillier on this day, so there weren’t too many people standing in line for a photo. We snapped a few and then said goodbye to Kara and Nicole, who were staying an extra night. They did try to convince us to stay with them and attend a Predators hockey game…Amy and I were very close to saying yes.

This trip was absolutely great from the start. We all loved the city and the people in it. We all agreed that we would come back here, literally for any reason. I think the options of things to do, see and eat are endless and we barely scratched the surface. You’ll read many blogs about Nashville that recommend some pretty popular places to eat, but we sort of took the approach of ‘we rather be enjoying our time than waiting in line’.

Have you been to Nashville? Are you now inspired to go? Stay tuned for our next girls trip…we’re thinking Napa Valley for 2019!

Happy travels! 🙂


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