Boston & NH

My travels now took me on yet another Bachelorette weekend to a place I’ve never been to, Boston and New Hampshire! One of my dear friends, Brittani, who I met while working and living in Austin, is originally from Boston and decided that’s where her festivities should take place. I was very excited and looking forward to a fun weekend!

I landed in Boston a little before lunch on a Friday. I was greeted by donuts from Kane’s Donuts and the beautiful bride-to-be! We had a couple of errands to run before we were headed to Silver Lake, New Hampshire where we had a huge house in the mountains waiting for us…and a bunch of girls ready to PARTY! I missed out on going to a Red Sox game(even though I’m a diehard Astros fan) but would like to check it out next time I’m up there.

The beautiful bride-to-be!

We stopped at this huge liquor outlet once we crossed into New Hampshire and I found Tito’s Vodka, so I was set for the weekend. If you haven’t tried vodka, water and crystal light mixed together, you are missing out on a low-calorie yummy drink…not as low calorie if you drink 10+ of them though 🙂

Once we arrived at the house, we were greeted by cute decorations, happy friends and food and drinks. I only knew two of the girls out of twelve, but by the end of the weekend, that definitely changed. Friday night was spent eating yummy food that all the girls had brought as a potluck dinner, it was SO good. We obviously played some drinking games and really had a great night.

Custom cups!


The weather almost put a damper on our plans for Saturday, but we were troopers and made the best out of it. We were all told to bring floats to use on the lake that represented us and of course I chose a margaritaThen the twelve of us walked, floats and all to the lake near our house and had ourselves a fun time. I’m sure we looked crazy walking along the highway with floats such as a dragon, a lobster, pineapples and angel wings…but we loved it. img_6959img_6953

I was in love with the trees!

Once we made our way back to the house, we hydrated, ate some lunch and prepared for the “Beer Olympics” that the Maid of Honor had set up outside. No amount of preparation would’ve helped for the next couple of hours of fun. We broke into two teams, I was picked as team captain because “I seemed aggressive”, which definitely helped us.

Then began a series of fun games like flip cup, dizzy bat and some crazy game involving balloons and beer. It was fun to see our competitive sides come out and even better when my team won! I’m pretty heavy into winning anything I play, so this was a great victory for me. My night ended at 9:30 after a late round of dizzy bat that left me stumbling to the couch, but no regrets.

We were all very focused on winning.


The next morning we said our goodbyes and made our way back to Boston. The sun decided to come out and it turned into a beautiful day. We had plans to see some of downtown Boston that afternoon/evening before I had to catch a plane Monday morning. We checked out Quincy Market first, which is full of different vendors and every type of food imaginable. We had some clam chowder, my first time trying it, and also a crab stuffed clamshell…delicious. We also checked out the harbor and had a drink while the sun started to set.

Beautiful day!


We then headed over to dinner in The North End, which is considered Boston’s Little Italy. If you’ve learned anything from reading my blogs, it’s that I love Italy and carbs, so I was set. We chose Al Dente for dinner and it didn’t disappoint. It was a small place and thankfully we had reservations because the food was worth it. Their lobster ravioli as a starter, YUM! I can still taste it today. After dinner, we headed over to Mike’s Pastry, which has a long tradition of making some darn good cannolis in Boston’s North End. There were a ton of people inside, but the line moves quick and so do the desserts.img_6951

For a quick trip up to this area, I thoroughly enjoyed it and know I would like to return at some point when I have more time. Are you from Boston? Or one of the surrounding states(which by the way, you can get to like 8 states in the amount of time it takes to drive through Texas)…might be an exaggeration, but Brittani had friends come from at least 4 different states, by car. As a born and raised Texan, that blew my mind!

Happy travels! 🙂

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