All-Inclusive Cancun in 2020

HELLO THERE! It has been way too long since I last wrote, but it’s hard to write about my travels when I’m not travelling…know what I mean?

I honestly had several different trips planned for 2020…but as you all know, life had other plans. When a friend’s birthday trip to Denver in April had to be cancelled…I knew this would be a quiet travel year for me. Then a wedding I had been looking forward to for over a year, in Cancun, was rescheduled until October of this year.

As the summer progressed, thankfully I was so busy with my work(quarantine really made people want to drink this summer) that I barely even noticed that I wasn’t really going anywhere besides work and home. I bought a new home and busied myself with decorating and enjoying our new place, while trying to stay safe and healthy as best as possible.

First night in our new home!

Before I knew it, October was here and two of my besties were getting married, no matter what! Jose and I booked our tickets and got a room at the Hyatt Ziva at a really great rate. We had never been to an all-inclusive hotel before, so we were both very excited to see what all the fuss was about. Our airport/airplane experience was pretty easy, just with the addition of wearing a mask at all times on our United Airlines flight.

We had both flown into Cancun from Houston a few times, but never actually stayed in that area. The drive to the hotel was quick and easy. The hotel itself, out of this world! There were several different restaurants, bars and just a great atmosphere all around. Despite a not so great forecast and a tropical storm looming, we enjoyed ourselves each and every day! Saturday evening was the highlight of the trip as we got to watch two amazing people exchange vows and then party the night away with great music, food and drinks.

View from outside of our room.
Yes…it was pouring rain but that didn’t stop us!
So thankful for these two men being in my life! Love them and their love 🙂
We danced all night long!
The wedding party!

Shortly before leaving for the wedding, some of Jose’s family let us know that they would be making a trip to Cancun just two weeks after us getting back from the wedding. We decided to join them and have another great weekend of fun! Our hotel the second time around was the Fiesta Americana Condesa. This hotel was a little older in style than the Hyatt, but had a good selection of restaurants and the pool was a lot of fun! We spent a couple of hours one day just playing in the ocean because the waves were big and fun. We also went on a small 2-hour excursion as a group where we all drove our own little boats out to the second-largest coral reef system in the world! We got to snorkel and swim and I even saw a Manta Ray!

You can buy every souvenir you want at this local market!
I was really excited and we had so much fun!
Majority of our time was spent in the pool enjoying the yummy drinks!

We made a lot of great memories on both trips and just to get away for a few days really gave us something to look forward to. Have you travelled at all during 2020? Have you stayed home the entire time? I’m not sure when we will be getting back on a plane again, but hopefully sooner rather than later!

Happy travels! 🙂

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