Texas Road Trip

I am a huge fan of fall weather and foliage, but never really thought Texas would be the place to find great weather and fall colors. My boyfriend proved me wrong when he planned a quick weekend trip away to Tyler, Texas!

We left on a Friday morning and headed straight to the Caldwell Zoo. This zoo had great reviews online and I really loved the setup of the zoo itself. You walk throughout the zoo and the different continents and types of animals, all while outside surrounded by trees. The weather was perfect for a fun filled few hours at the zoo. We got there close to what seemed like the afternoon nap for most of the animals, but they were still just as cute.

People were trying to feed him lettuce but he was not having it!

We made our way into downtown Tyler which had a large town square with plenty of restaurants and a couple of shops. We chose Don Juan on the Square for a early dinner with some yummy margaritas! We had very loose plans for this trip and it actually made it pretty enjoyable because we just did whatever we wanted. We asked our waiter for a late-night hangout recommendation and he suggested Lago del Pino which was a huge place right on Lost Pine Lake. It was Latin Night on that Friday and man did we have fun! The music was great and we even danced a little.

The next morning we made our way over to Daingerfield State Park. This was one of the state parks in Texas that was recommended to see fall foliage in November. The weather started off slightly cool and foggy when we first got there, but within a couple of hours it was a perfect day. The park is situated right next to a lake that I’m sure would be a awesome time during the warmer months. Jose and I talked about how much fun it would be to come back during the summer and rent a cabin or even camp in a tent there at the park.

Mountain View Trail

The park has several different walking trails and all are fairly easy. The most difficult trail was the Mountain View trail which was mainly uphill but worth the climb! We spent plenty of time at the park and there was hardly anyone there that day. We found so many quiet and cute places to just enjoy ourselves and the natural beauty around us. We decided to head back up the Mountain View trail before heading home as the weather had cleared up and we wanted to see it one more time. We found a bench and watched as the wind blew through the tall pine trees all around us. That’s when Jose popped the “Will you marry me?” question and my tears began. It was a very easy “YES!” from me πŸ™‚

Moments after saying β€œYes!”

We had to make our way back home after the park, but stopped for some yummy BBQ on the way out. This trip will always hold such a special memory for Jose and I and I love that we can go back to that park years from now and see the place where we decided to get married. It was a perfect quick trip away with such a happy ending!

Have you gone on many road trips? 2020 seemed like the best year for it since so much was closed and travel was made harder. Do you have a great proposal story? I would love to hear it!

Happy travels! πŸ™‚

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