Round Top, TX

As we all know, 2020 wasn’t the best year for people with travel plans, so I was very excited when a spontaneous quick trip to Round Top, Texas worked out with 3 of my closest girl friends. We’ve been travelling to different places once a year together since 2016, starting with our trip to Las Vegas. We really don’t need any reason to get away, shop and drink wine, which is exactly what we did on our quick trip to Round Top.

We got into town a little after lunchtime and it wasn’t a very far drive from the Houston area, so we would definitely come back. We went a couple weekends before Christmas and were able to find so many cute shops while there. We checked out one of the bigger vendors there on Market Hill…but we were much happier with the smaller shops we found along the road and closer to town. The people were so friendly and had an array of things to purchase.

We honestly didn’t have a set plan for what we were wanting to do while there, which led to us just having such a fun and relaxing time. We had a late lunch at Royer’s Round Top Cafe. It was a pretty small cafe known for it’s pie and WOW I can still taste how good it was today. We tried the pie sampler and were able to try a couple different kinds and really liked them all.

We decided to go check into our hotel for the night, the Round Top Inn. It was a small place with two queen beds, but absolutely cute! We loved staying at this Inn and the quiet, rural vibe of the town. We kept joking that it would be the perfect setting for a Hallmark movie. The Inn also has multiple different rooms/houses you can rent, so you can really tailor it to your vacation needs.

There was a wine bar next door called Prost Wine Bar and Patio that ended up being our place for dinner. We ordered two large meat and cheese trays and they went perfectly with the wine we had purchased earlier in town. So much of the town is historical and many of the shops and restaurants are set up in buildings that haven’t been modified in many years. It’s a really cute town! We spent literally around 5 hours playing Skip-Bo that night in our room and we had so much fun! Almost everything is within walking distance and I would definitely come back and stay at the same place and just hang out for a weekend trip.

We stopped by Round Top Coffee Shop for breakfast before heading back to Houston. They had a very open, family style seating inside of a small space and their breakfast tacos were yummy! Have you ever been to Round Top? Are you a huge market shopper? They have large markets a couple times a years for antiques and much more, so maybe I’ll check that out someday soon. What places were you able to visit in 2020?

Happy travels! 🙂

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