Read about my adventures in Athens here! The flight from Athens to Santorini was probably the shortest flight I’ve ever been on and we exited the plane directly on the tarmac like movie stars. Seeing the island from the plane was absolutely beautiful! The sky was so clear and I couldn’t wait to land! Our hotel for the next two nights was Thalassa Hotel and it was perfect! We had our own little private beach area and breakfast was served overlooking the ocean.

Thalassa Hotel

We immediately hit up the beach! It was a black pumice stone beach which was a little hard to walk on, so be prepared for that. The water was SO clear and also a little chilly, but we all got in anyways. Later, we got ready for an evening in the town of Fira to look at shops, eat dinner and also go to a theater show. We went to The White Door Theatro to see their Greek Wedding show, which is a must do item when in Santorini! It was so much fun, lots of yelling OPA! and breaking plates in celebration. We went out to drink and dance that night and had the best time. While out drinking, if you don’t say YAMAS! at least 10 times, you’re not doing Greece right! Grabbed gyros on the way back to the hotel, which I realized is the equivalent of grabbing a slice of pizza on 6th Street in Austin after a night of having fun.

IN LOVE with this view!

The next morning I had a massage there at the hotel and it was amazing! We had a full day ahead filled with sightseeing, a wine tasting/tour, shopping at the local markets and a beautiful sunset. We got to tour the Venetsanos Winery and learned about its history and tried 4 amazing wines while at it with a yummy cheese plate. The interesting thing about the setup of the winery is that they learned how to work with the landscape to produce their wines. They didn’t fight the terrain, the found a way to use it to their advantage. The winery overlooks the water and life really couldn’t get much better at this point.


I mean, what more could you want!?

We then went to the town of Oia to walk through the streets and ended up at a great place to watch the sunset. You know when you think of Greece, you think of white buildings with blue roofs? This was the epitome of that mental picture.


The best way to end a great day!

I loved everything Santorini had to offer, but we were off to our next island… PAROS!

Happy travels! 🙂

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