We left Santorini bright and early, headed out on a ferry. Where I’m from, our ferries are pretty small and don’t travel for long distances. So when we got to the port and I saw these massive ships, similar to a cruise ship, I was very surprised. These ferries are amazing! Multiple stories, comfortable seats and places to order food and alcohol. We all already had our swimsuits on because we planned to hit the ground running once we got to Paros.

We checked into our hotel called High Mill and it was beautiful! *Side note: be sure to turn on the breaker for the water heater…I found this out the hard/cold way* The weather was perfect as we headed to a small beach called Santa Maria beach. It had everything we needed for a full day of fun! There was a place to do all sorts of watersports, a bar with great drinks and food and also a volleyball net. Eight of us decided to tube behind a boat and it was crazy! You go so fast and we screamed the whole entire time, but it was SO much fun!

Our hotel was gorgeous!
Before the ride of our lives!

After the water fun, we started up a game of volleyball. We made friends with some guys from Dubai who kept the game interesting. Did I mention that I’m probably the most competitive person you’ll ever meet? Our team won 🙂 We stayed on the beach till the sun was going down and we all just had such a fun time! I could relive that day over and over!

It was getting intense over there!
Can you tell we had a great day? 🙂

We started the next day bright and early headed out on a private boat tour around Paros. Our captain would anchor at several different places and we got to jump into the water, snorkel and just hang out. It was also all we could drink…so things got interesting throughout the day. The water is unbelievably clear. Every time I would look down and see straight to the bottom, I was beyond impressed. If you’re traveling through the islands of Greece I definitely recommend booking a boat tour because we loved it! The captain made us delicious pork and chicken kebabs with tzatziki for lunch.


Chilled out to the max

We anchored for lunch in a cove that was secluded and next to a cliff that looked pretty perfect for jumping off of…which is exactly what I did with my friend Heidi after gaining courage seeing a couple of our other friends go. I realized I liked saying yes to all the adventures that Greece brought to me. Even though it was scary, we went twice because it was also one of the coolest things I’ve ever done!

Our boat for the day!
Cliff jump in Greece: check off my list!

That evening, we walked through town and all the great shops they have. After dinner, our tour director, Paola, had pulled some strings so that a local bar called Kialoa offered karaoke that night. Another fun fact about me: after a few drinks, I’m a karaoke queen…drinking had been a major part of our day so we rocked that bar!

I woke up the next morning with a major hangover, but ready to finish off the trip in Mykonos. Paros was probably my favorite time spent on this trip, so if looking for a great mix of Greece, try Paros!

Happy travels! 🙂





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