Seattle has been on my list of places to visit since I became obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy over 10 years ago. I know that’s a cliche reason to visit Seattle, but I heard so many great things about the city over the years and couldn’t wait to see it for myself. In October of 2016, me and my two friends, April and Andrew began our adventures in the rainy city.

We had rented the cutest Airbnb home that was on the side of a hill, secluded by trees and just perfect in every way. I’m linking to the home we stayed in because if you’re ever in Seattle, it’s a little outside of the downtown area, but just a short bus/Uber ride away and I definitely recommend it. We explored the neighborhood closest to our house on our first night and took in the sights and the perfect weather. We happened upon an ice cream/arcade room called Full Tilt Ice Cream and we spent many quarters playing pinball.

I was obsessed with the tree leaves changing colors, definitely not in Texas anymore

We grabbed food at Zippy’s Burgers and everything was delicious! I did my best to find a lot of fun things to do and see, but one thing we found out about while there were these ghost tours they had, but they were all booked for the weekend. There are several companies that do these cool paranormal tours if you’re into that. We were in a spooky mood so we went to see the movie Ouija…it filled our need to be scared.

The next day we did a ton of sight-seeing! We started the morning at Pikes Place market and were taken aback with the immense amount of people selling things. Flowers, fresh meats and cheeses, donuts, handmade items…you name it, you could find it there!

I wanted all of these!
This is Panda. He can be found at the market just being cute.

There is a restaurant in the market, overlooking the pier, called Lowell’s. Literally the best brunch and mimosas you could ever ask for. If you know me and my friends, brunch is the most important meal of the day and Lowell’s delivered an amazing start to our day!

I could get used to this.

Up next was the Space Needle! There is so much cool history behind this American landmark and the views make the wait to get up there totally worth it!


Then we made our way over to Chihuly Garden and Glass. I’ve always been super interested in glass blowing/making and this was like heaven for me. The glass sculptures here are unreal! You have to see it in person to really understand the scope of this amazing work.


Free to download a great picture!


I’ll take one in every color.

We visited Gas Works Park the next day which had a cool view of the city. We experienced great weather while there,  only had a light rain a couple evenings. We had booked an evening dinner buffet cruise and it was amazing. The food, the service, the whole experience was perfect. Even saw a couple get engaged right there during dinner!

In love with this picture.

The next morning we had breakfast at Biscuit Bitch and WOW. So. Good. Homemade biscuits, gravy, bacon and sausage…what more could a girl want! You will want to stop at one of their locations, trust me. We spent several hours of our afternoon at the EMP Museum and rightfully so because there is so much to do and see and we took it all in! There was a Star Trek exhibit, the Sound Off exhibit(where you get to play all sorts of instruments) and loads of other things. One cool exhibit they had at the time was dedicated to Wearable Art..which I knew very little of, but the things people have created are remarkable!

This was made entirely out of wood!


We finished the day at Kerry Park with the best views of the city!


We loved everything about Seattle. From the views, the people and the things to do, we made the most out of our trip and had so much fun while doing it! I can’t wait to go back to Washington again because there is so much that state has to offer! Have you ever been to Seattle? What was your favorite thing? Or recommend something in the comments below for me to do on my next trip there!

Happy travels! 🙂

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