Sayulita, Mexico

In April of this year, one of my closest friends, April(yes she’s named after the month), wanted to celebrate her birthday down in Mexico. Sayulita is a city she has been to several times before and loved it, so five of us bought our tickets and were on our way!

I have traveled with April and one of our other besties, Andrew, before to Seattle, so I was really looking forward to another trip with them!  We rented a limo to pick us up and take us to the airport because we wanted April to begin her birthday weekend in style. We also consumed several bottles of champagne and arrived at the airport ready to party. We flew out with Southwest (I’m a Rapid Rewards member and a Southwest Airlines fan until I die) and it was a super easy and quick flight into Puerto Vallarta.

We had a private shuttle pick us up…fully equipped with beer and great music to take us to our house for the weekend. Sayulita is a cute, lesser-known beach town full of shops, bars, surfing and really great food. After hearing so much about it from April, I was looking forward to a great time. Our house was amazing! We had our own private pool, plenty of room for each of us and killer views. We took advantage of that pool as soon as we arrived by taking a solid two-hour nap while laying on our pool floaties.

Low-quality selfie… high-quality friends.

img_0660We had dinner later on the beach and watched our first beautiful Sayulita sunset. We called it an early night because the next day was April’s birthday and we had a big day planned! We headed into town early the next morning to get checked into our boat tour that we had scheduled. There was a small mix up that led to us being upgraded to the VIP boat tour, SO we weren’t complaining at all.

Our tour company was Chica Locca Tours and they really did give us the best VIP treatment and a terrific time. The boat was huge with an all you can drink bar, massage table and solid music choices. We had several crew members (shoutout to Rex, Danny and Alex) to help us out throughout the day and I really couldn’t recommend this company more. Our boat ride took us over to Yelapa, a secluded beach with some restaurants and umbrellas to hang out under while you took in the great view. We also got to stop and play in the water for a while, eat lunch and dance the day away aboard the ship. 

Repping Rita everywhere I go!
Yelapa…look at how perfect the water is!


We also went tubing and IT WAS THE BEST!!!!
Enjoying ourselves to the max. Our drinks were swum out to us. VIP BABY!

Once we made it back to Sayulita, we got ready for dinner to celebrate April’s birthday. We went to Don Pedro’s, a restaurant right on the beach with delicious seafood. We all shared some calamari to start and I ordered the lobster ravioli for dinner. It was my first time having lobster ravioli and I honestly could’ve eaten three more portions because that’s how good it was! We were all pretty tired after a long day on the ship, so we went home to rest up for another great day.

Saturday was a full beach day. We went to El Espresso for breakfast and it was authentic and delicious. We made our way back to Don Pedro’s because they also have umbrellas and beach chairs that you can rent out so we took advantage of that…for about 6 hours or so. We listened to music, drank plenty of alcohol and swam in the ocean. It was a perfect beach day! The staff at Don Pedro’s are also incredibly nice and accommodating, so we really enjoyed our time there.

The sand was so hot we had about 5 seconds to get a good picture.

Later on, we spent some more time in the pool back at our house and then got ready for dinner and a night out in Sayulita! We went to Bichos for some of the best tacos and quesadillas I’ve ever had. I wish I had taken some photos of them because they were yummy and fairly inexpensive too. I am by no means bilingual (but I’m pretty fluent and especially so when traveling) and this was the point in the evening when my bestie Andrew wanted to know how to say shrimp in Spanish and he told me “I’m pretty sure it’s shrimpa. I think that’s right.” I think all of our day drinking was beginning to catch up to us, but onward we went!

We stopped by several bars in their downtown square area until we found one we really liked that had good music. A guy that was also on the boat tour with us joined us out too since he was traveling alone and obviously could tell we were a good time. We spent a couple of hours here until we decided it was time to get a taxi home. Let’s just say Sunday was mainly a day of rest and recovery for me. We did make our way into town at one point to check out the market area and buy a few souvenirs. I got my boyfriend a dreamcatcher that he really liked and I bought myself a pair of earrings and a matching necklace.

One shot, two shots, three shots…then Andrew helps me get home.

Sunday night featured an amazingly beautiful sunset which was perfect for our last night in Sayulita. We all enjoyed our time in Sayulita so much. The beautiful weather and extremely nice people made it even better. I’ve now seen a few different cities in Mexico so I’m excited to see which one I check out next.

“This looks like the back of a Jimmy Buffet album.” -April

Have you ever been to Sayulita? What Mexico beach town should I travel to next?

Happy travels! 🙂

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