Bachelorette in Charleston, SC

When my best friend asked me to be her Maid of Honor for her Memorial Day weekend wedding, I was beyond excited to say YAS! I had been a bridesmaid a couple of times before, but this would be my first time having the Maid of Honor title. She picked Charleston, South Carolina as her bachelorette spot, a town where only one of us bridesmaids had ever been before. Thankfully, I love planning vacations and I wanted to make sure this one was perfect for my best friend, Amy.

Our flight with Southwest started off with a bang because the flight attendants were the nicest people ever. They made Amy a crown with pretzel bags and wished us all to have a wonderful time. Special shout out to Zach, he rocked! We arrived in Charleston in the evening on a Thursday and settled into our amazing Airbnb with pizza and fun bachelorette themed games. Could not have picked a better house for us to stay in. It was the perfect size for 6 of us and so cute!


I have to immediately give A LOT of kudos and credit to the team at Pop The Bubbly in Charleston. I reached out to them a few months before our trip and they made the whole process a breeze. Betsey Lupton, their founder, worked with me to make sure I could create a memorable weekend for Amy, down to the decorations used. I can’t recommend them enough, that’s how amazing they are. I have photo proof of how perfect they made the house before our arrival, which made Amy cry happy tears!

This was filled with mini bottles of alcohol!
A stocked fridge with all of the essentials for the weekend.

Amy was interested in doing some sightseeing and learning about Charleston, but we wanted to do it in an interesting way. I got us passes through Groupon to use a scavenger hunt company called Wacky Walks. I downloaded an app that led us through the city, learning about Charleston along the way, but with fun twists. The whole group loved it. It was at our own pace, so we got to make pit stops when needed…like for push pops that had alcohol in them…served out of an ice cream truck!!

Matching shirts and yummy booze pops!

We grabbed a late lunch at Low Country Bistro right on Market Street. Market Street is SO cool. Just a long line of vendors selling everything you can imagine. We caught the market a little late in the day when vendors had started to clear out for the day so I would recommend getting there earlier to see everything they have to offer. We hopped over to a cool bar we had heard about called Cane Rhum Bar. The inside of the bar was super tropical themed and every drink was fruity and delicious! We did some exploring downtown and checked out Broad Street which had awesome colorful houses and we all kind of wish we lived there. We watched the sunset from one of the rooftop bars we had seen during our tour, while we drank champagne. Living our best lives.

Photo cred to Grace. So good.
Bride looking PERFECT!

img_6266That night back at the house, we made tacos and relaxed. We also had a lingerie shower for the bride and made her try to guess who bought her what…if she got it wrong she had to take a shot. If she got it right, I think we made her take a shot too. I mean, it was her bachelorette weekend, so we had to make sure she had a good time!

Then came Saturday. The day where we did so much and just had a good time from start to finish! Our day started with brunch at Eli’s Table. Reservations were hard to come by for brunch that day that worked with our schedule, but Eli’s had room for us, an amazing menu and mimosas. So we were set. And the mimosas and food were so yummy…I think we each had at least 3 drinks a piece. We couldn’t stop!

Betsey, from Pop the Bubbly, had a package that included PARTY BUS transportation to a winery/distillery and also a brewery. Amy had no idea what the day entailed, so when a big black party bus pulled up with our personal driver, Jeremy, for the day, she was thrilled! We headed for a short drive over to the Firefly Distillery which also shared the property with Deep Water Vineyard. We started with a wine tasting that was delicious! They were so nice to us and Amy realllllly enjoyed herself. Afterward, our tasting of the Firefly liquors started. These were a little strong for us…but of course, we still took them all.  The property itself was really pretty and even had miniature animals on it!

Awaiting our Party Bus!

Once we had our fill at this property, Jeremy loaded us up with water, like our knight in shining armor and drove us over to Low Tide Brewing where we had the best surprise ever waiting for us…PUPPIES! There was a rescue group there by the name of Southern Tails for Precious Paws and when our slightly inebriated bachelorette party showed up, you can imagine our excitement. We were in puppy heaven.

I almost took him home. To Texas.

The next few hours went by quick and a little fuzzy…due to lack of sleep/alcohol consumption. We had dinner reservations at The Swamp Fox inside of the Francis Marion Hotel. I’ve never seen a group of 6 girls look better, especially the bride…but we didn’t take a single decent photo that night. BUT we had the most fun, eating amazing food and then walking around downtown Charleston into several bars. Amy killed it as a Bride in her all-white sparkly dress.

**Side note** There is such a thing in Charleston on pretty much every porch you see, called a Joggling Board. We had absolutely no idea what it was until a sweet older couple informed us of this Charleston tradition. Pretty much a huge longboard that wobbles and you sit on it and wobble. And it rocks. Try while drinking if you’re feeling adventurous!

We left bright and early the next morning in quite a rush to catch our plane and I am not ashamed of the hot mess I was. Because at the end of the amazing weekend, Amy was happy and we all had so much fun. I look forward to returning to South Carolina to see even more than we did on this trip.

Have you ever planned a bachelorette party? Out of state? Visited Charleston? Let me know!

Happy travels! 🙂

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